Autonomy And Todd Nilson

Most people recruit someone to join groups for one of three reasons. 1) You want the group to be bigger. The problem with growing for growth sake is it doesn’t place emphasis on each member’s unique motivations. It’s a selfish way of growing the group – usually done for the benefit...

Warning People Is A Bad Idea

If you lend a friend some money one week and he won’t lend you some money the next, you wouldn’t feel happy. Your trust has been violated. But what is trust? Trust is the belief in indirect reciprocity. You might give something to a group/another person in the belief that...

Harassment Problems Rarely Have Simple Solutions

Read this post by Katie and consider what you would do if you were the event organizer. What do you do if someone (especially someone with a reputation big enough to cause you problems) is harassing another member of the group? This is an important challenge for all social architects....

What Do Community Professionals Spend 90% Of Their Time Doing?

We’re now just 42 days away from this year’s SPRINT. We have precisely 37 tickets remaining. Once the tickets are sold out, they’re gone. If you want to learn specific techniques to grow your community from 14 world-class speakers, sign up here. If you want to see the full agenda,...

The Social Architecture of Group Decision Making

Imagine your data shows your community is in a dying topic. This presents a death threat to community growth. You start a poll to ask members if they would like to expand the community’s field of interest to include new (relevant) trends and receive 51 replies. 26 say yes, 25...


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Lets face it, if you aren't Lady Gaga (13,493,791 followers on Twitter) or Pringles (15,500,496 fans on Facebook) social media will most likely have a slightly less critical role in your overall marketing strategy. In light of this, the presentation above will get you started on the right track.

Don't get paralyzed by the hype, take a deep breath and set aside some time to LISTEN, LEARN and then LAUNCH a pilot.

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Blog Posts

How Does Enterprise Social Networking Change Participation Inequality?

Posted by Inner Circle Communities on June 17, 2013 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

First, you might be wondering what in the world is participation inequality anyway. The quick explanation is that participation inequality is the 90-9-1 rule says that basically says that most people lurk and don't contribute much. Most of us are lurkers and social loafers.


So, would confirm that this is in fact true in most online communities or social networks. However, I am suggesting that this phenominon known as participation inequality dramatically changes when…


Could Enterprise Social Networking Be The ROI You've Been Waiting For?

Posted by Inner Circle Communities on June 17, 2013 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

Your ROI depends on what your business goals are and what you put in. Are you trying to retain emplkoyees, establish a knowledge base, or innovate products? Your business goals will guide your metricswhich will provide you with ot jist ROI but the ROI you want. Sure you'll have some ROI you didnt' expect which is always a bonus. I've seen some companies look to their emploee survey, companies often know what 3 pain points trouble the majority of employees because chances are they are the…


Is Enterprise 2.0 The Revenge of the Lurkers?

Posted by Inner Circle Communities on June 17, 2013 at 9:30pm 0 Comments

Hey, I'm the first to admit I can lurk with the best of them. I have enough friends on Facebook to not be considered a loser, I work in social media, however I rarely post a status update ad more often fid myself disturbed at teh random posts of others. I admit that I often consume blogs and forum posts with the best of them and only rarely post replies. I basically on plost when I just can't help myself.



Enterprise 2.0 might as…


Here's One of the Best Member Spotlights I Have Seen

Posted by Inner Circle Communities on October 28, 2012 at 7:00am 0 Comments

Creating and sustaining an engaged online community isn't easy to do week after week. Member spotlights can be a great engagement tactic. It is always fun for members to see who else is in the community and the spotlights can be the spark that causes one member to reach out to another. The CIO Executive Council has one of the best interactive member spotlights I have seen in a while... click the arrow below to see how it works.…



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